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We understand that it can be difficult to get a very poor credit loan because every lender wants a good credit score. Thankfully, here is Whizz Payday Loans that can work with your low credit status to get loan approval.

Having bad credit? No problem, you can still get loan!

If you have a bad credit history, relax! You're not alone. According to the public survey held in Canada, the report states that nearly half of the Canadians have a credit score is 450 or below. Unfortunately, if your credit score is 450 or below, most of the traditional banks won't accept you for a loan. This means that you have to look for another source of funding when an unexpected condition happens.

Nowadays, lots of Canadians, looking for "online bad credit loans guaranteed approval" to get cash advance. In every province of Canada, there are online payday loans direct lenders that can help you when cash problem across your lifeway, even if you have an unfavourable credit score.

At Whizz, we don't set a limit for credit score and if you have a bad credit score, you could be still approved for our bad credit loans. Before applying for personal loans for people with bad credit, learn about it.

Bad Credit, What Does It Mean?

According to Credit Bureaus like Equifax and TransUnion in Canada, a company calculates the credit score like this:

  • Payment history: 35%
  • Amount owed: 30%
  • Credit history: 15%
  • Credit mix: 10%
  • New credit: 10%

So, if you repeatedly forget the repayments of your credit card bills, your credit score goes down. Meantime, if you take a car loan and also financed your furniture purchase, it will disturb your credit score and lower it. If these types of actions continue, your credit score will go down and down- and at last, you'll lose to access credit from traditional banks.

Practically, personal needs and expenses in life can stop you from holding your good credit score. While your poor credit score affects your access to money, it not means that the world of possibility is ended. At Whizz Payday Loans, our motto is to provide improved, safer and faster payday loans for bad credit people that can be easily accessible online through your phone or computer.

From Where, You Can Get Right Loans For Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit status, you can be aware of this fact that there are very limited cash options for you. Many of them are payday stores that you need to visit their offices and waiting for your turn, and some are online options that are not always better. It is very difficult to know which website is trustful when you need to share your sensitive personal information. Before applying for a loan, make sure the following points:

Make sure your lender is trustworthy and holding a licensed in your province. At Whizz Payday Loans, we only do business in provinces of Canada with lenders that holding a valid license. With our fast application, flexible repayment options that fit your budget, and poor credit loans that help you to rebuild your bad credit. Whizz, gives a better chance to the Canadians for a brighter financial future.

Our bad credit lenders are capable to give you money quickly. Instant delivery of cash ensures that your needs are fulfilled on time. At Whizz, we'll try to give loan decision instantly, once your application for "guaranteed approval loans for poor credit" is approved; your funds would be credited to a bank account in just a few minutes wait.

Try to find out the responsible behaviour of the lender. Many online payday loans companies offer the same rate of interest and the same amount of loan- even if you established a good credit history and potential of repayments on time. At Whizz, we change the whole story and offer low-interest rate loans and the loan amount totally depends upon your capability of repayment.

Due to the increasing popularity of bad credit loans online, there are lots of lenders that don't have clear terms and conditions. They can be trying to confuse the borrowers and provide online loans for poor credit with hidden fees and unclear interest rates, so beware of them! At Whizz, we offer total transparency to our applicants with clear terms and total cost of their bad credit loans.

A Positive New Start

If you have urgent money need but your credit is poor, banks will view you as a high-risk borrower and won't approve your loan request. Our loans for people on bad credit gives you a wonderful opportunity to borrow fast cash without wasting time and through this, you can pay your bills on the due date and avoid late payment penalties that harm your credit score.

To get this fabulous source of cash, you must live in the province of Canada. You must be 18 years or above of age with a regular source of income/benefits and having a valid bank account that can accept electronic transfers. During the application, you must provide your valid email, phone number, and address.

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