Why Whizz?

Our Mission

Whizz Always Work In A Clear, Straightforward Way To Provide Anyone A Better Financial Health.

We began our journey in 2015 with a mission to fill the big hole in the current online financial services. Most of the Canadians can't able to meet a good credit score and due to this, lenders not accept them for loans. When we focus on this topic, we discover some shocking facts:

  • Around 65% of Canadians having Bad/Low or No credit score, meaning that they're not accepted for a loan by most of the banks.
  • 1 in 3 Canadians are declined for loans or offered less than they required money.
  • 47% of Canada families say that they can't able to cover a C$500 emergency expense.
  • C$200,000 is an approximate amount of money that people with bad credit score is paying as interest and fees to the lenders.

In such situations, Canadians don't have lots of trustworthy cash options and very fewer occasions to access quality loan services that help them to build their credit. We believe that people with imperfect credit score also have the right to get credit and make a better financial path again.

We're here to help you!

At Whizz, we don't think that people who need urgent cash should be limited by their low credit score or bad credit profile.Rather, we offer same opportunity to everyone.And that's why we offer:

  • Same opportunity to access loans without concerning applicant's credit score.
  • With us, poor credit scores don't need to pay hidden fees, high interest and facing loan disapproval.
  • Select our affordable and flexible way of build credit and break your debt cycle.
  • Our lender offer flexible repayment options that help you to payback your loan easily.

Our Approach

"Our main vision for our applicants is to easy and fast access to credit, even if they have perfect credit score. We don't want good credit; instead of it, we try here to create a better financial life for all!"

Our all loan services are designed according to our following principles:

100% Approval, Apply Now

Principle #01

Success Way

We try to make ourselves better by making improvements in our loan services to our customers. Our whole business goal is to make our customer's financial success.

Principle #02

No Trap

Our victory, when our customers defeat their economic crisis. Whizz' is collaborating with you to find better cash solutions that actually work. No false promises, No debt traps!

Principle #03

Fully Transparent

We try to make our application process as easy as possible. Our mean by "Transparency" is no hidden fees and no false promises with aim of "What you see is what you get".