By Forrest Ketner | August 04, 2020 Does Canada Celebrate Valentine’s Day? 10 Interesting Facts You Must Know!

History of Valentine Day

Nobody knows the exact origin of Valentine’s Day, there are many stories behind this day that explain why 14th February is celebrating as a day of love and romance. There were three patrons named as St. Valentine who was martyred in the third century of the Roman Empire.

One of them put to death, just because they were performing marriages against the verdict of Emperor Claudius. Another was death sentenced due to they were helping Christians to escape from Roman jails.

In another ancient story stated that ST. Valentine was written his first Valentine Day card when he was in imprisonment, signing quote- “From Your Valentine” and due to this phrase, Valentine is widely popular.

What Do People Do On Valentine’s Day?

On Valentine’s Day, many people send gifts, cards and love letters to the person with whom they want a romantic and love relationship. Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day extravagantly and they may go out for a dinner with his/her partner to Valentine’s themed restaurants or taking a short break on this day and spend the whole time with their partner.

Common gifts for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day are:

  • Flowers, particularly red roses.
  • Chocolates and/or candy.
  • Teddy bears.
  • Toy hearts.
  • Sparkling wine.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Clothing, including lingerie.
  • Jewellery.

Valentine’s Day Facts Canada

Millions of Couples: There are over 15 million of Canadian couples living together and this fact stated the common-law partners, same and opposite-sex relationships.

Lots of Dating Options: There are around 10 million Canadians who are still single, a good volume for dating who want love in their life.

Who’s Celebrating? Approx. 80% of Canada population may plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their partners alone and rest Canadians will choose to celebrate this day including their children and family members as fun.

Valentine’s Gift: Currently, the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts are cards, chocolate, candy and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 40% of single Canadians are planning to give gifts to their loved ones.

Trend in Canada: In a survey, Canadians spent $100 on Valentine’s Day gifts until 2007, but by 2012, the number of spending is dropped to $45.

Province Gifting: Canadians in Alberta and Quebec spend their money as a Valentine’s Day gift on flowers and people in Ontario spends on jewelry, while a citizen of British Columbians spends their budget for candy. Different province, different taste for Valentine’s Day gift!

Sexes Battle: In a women poll, they were asked who should pay for Valentine’s Day date. 40% said man, and 35% choose to split. When men were polled for the same question, 55% said a man should pay, while only 4% choose woman should pay.

Searching For Love: Around 54% of men and 50% of Women are single and looking for someone special on Valentine’s Day!

Love Message: 80% of Canadian women preferred to receive their Valentine’s Day message in person, while only 2% of women agree to accept a phone call or text messages on their love day.

Awwww! Moment: 53% of women and 65% of men want their ideal Valentine’s Day gift as a “spending time together” with their love partner.

No matter how you celebrate you’re Valentine’s Day, but remember that it is not a day that shows how much money you spend. It’s not about to spend your day in an expensive restaurant or buy lavish gifts, it is a day of showing your love to your partner.

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