David  Argy

David Argy

David secures his degree in Communication from Loyola University, Chicago. He loves to discuss through his passion of professional on fashion, finance and TV. He is a coffee lover.

Payday Loans

Why E-Transfer Payday Loans Are Popular In Canada?

In the current downside climate of economy, alternate money solution is very important to meet the monthly needs. Some alternatives are borrowing money from friends/relatives, taking money in advance from your colleagues, pledged your personal stuff to get cash, etc. Read More

  • 8 months ago • 
  • by David Argy
Installment Loans

What Happens If I Default On An Installment Loans?

Many times we raise our voice against loans schemes, but the truth is that it is a crucial part of our modern society. Whether it is your education expense or you want to start a business, these all things required instant huge money. In this situation, the best option is to fuel up your money requirements is to take a loan, but if you payback it on time. Read More

  • 8 months ago • 
  • by David Argy